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2nd hour 2011-4-02 NBBQA National Conference and Trade Show with Mike Mills and Herschel Walker

Posted by chefandthefatman on April 6th, 2011

This show also has a very special guest who was so busy but took time to share with us a very warm and cordial welcome.  The new President elect of the NBBQA Kell Phelps stopped by during our show and really made us feel at home.  He was extremely busy as the conference and trade show was going full blast, it really shows the class of the man.  Thanks Kell, no wonder you are da man for 2011.  Thanks to Sam's Club, Smithfield, Vlasic and the Embassy Suites Golf Resort and Conference Center for their splendid hospitality.  Next year San Diego...oh baby, any chance it won't rain....hmmmmmmm?