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Chef and The Fatman is an Atlanta based RADIO cooking show dedicated to making cooking more fun.

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1st hour 2010 TOTC The Hotel Monteleone Show 1

Posted by chefandthefatman on August 15th, 2010

Great 1st hour of our first ever MIXOLOGISTS only show brought to you by Fee Bros.  Joe Fee will join us throughout our broadcasts, Joe and his family have defined bitters and also provided libations of many kinds since 1863...."Marvelous Marvin" Allen of the famous Carousel Bar in the fabulous Hotel Monteleone.  Guests also include new "superstar" bartender from Arnaud's famous French 75 Cigar Bar, Cynthia Turner, Lucas Bols Brand Ambassador, head of LUPEC Big Apple Bombshell Katie Darling....wonderful drinks and stories from Tales of the Cocktail.