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Chef and The Fatman is an Atlanta based RADIO cooking show dedicated to making cooking more fun.

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1st hour 2010 TOTC Domenica 3rd Show

Posted by chefandthefatman on August 15th, 2010

This was a wonderful show, showcasing the amazing Besh Restaurant Groups saludo to Italiano....Domenica!  Executive Chef partner Alon Shaya (no stranger to CFM fans) takes you on a culinary trip to Italia, sharing recipes, philosophies and amazing things from his kitchen.  This is TRULY a wonderful show sponsored by Fee Bros.  This is a DESTINATION location restaurant on your next trip to New Orleans.  We did a private chefs table for 15 "newbies"....all claimed the "best", "most amazing", "incredible Italian food" they had ever eaten.  Mange on this show and YOU too will become a Domenica junkie!!!!